"This Way" - Music Video

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"This Way" - Music Video

"This Way" Official Music Video
Album: Everything Comes & Goes
Director: Raphael Mazucco

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Garf75009's picture

Love it love it love it ! Hope that this song will be on the next album or that there will a way to get it on I tune. By the way, Michelle, any chance to see you soon in concert in Paris ?

fr8train's picture

"This Way" - This is the best song I've heard from you! You need to make it available for everyone. Beautiful music, great lyrics! I know I'm late to the party, but still you need to release this song.

Nick2992's picture

hey great song where can i actually buy this song lol ?

ernestmotivated's picture

Great song i love it, its one of your best

silver_devimon's picture

the video matches the song...it's simple & easy listening..
I Love this song...

juanjo's picture

Hi creat sung is very beautiful michelle !!!!!!!!!!

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