In the Studio - Making West Coast Time

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In the Studio - Making West Coast Time

behind the scenes with Michelle in the studio making her new album West Coast Time. The video features a brand new song called "Spark." Download Michelle's latest single "Loud Music' available on iTunes now:

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This´╗┐ song sounds great! Can't wait for West Coast Time, we love you Michelle! -Kyle Thomas Glasser

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Love the album version of Spark. It's gonna be my new fave. Can't wait to hear it fully & without voices over it. Like somebody said, if the rest of the songs are as kick-ass as Loud Music and Spark, West Coast Time is gonna be amazing!

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I think Michelle is a really creative writer and a singer. The true fans will love her music no matter the sound because that's what we are devoted true fans. Michelle has changed so of course her sound is going to change with her. She is not that little teen pop star she was in the beginning she has matured and so has her songs. Love what I hear so far keep it coming Michelle.

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"Spark", even if I still haven't heard it entirely, seems/is already as much obsessive (each time I watch this video "Spark" is glued to my inner player (in my head) constantly) as "Loud music" which was/is a masterpiece of the kind ... "West coast time" will be a real compilation of hits if all the songs are as much promising as those two ...

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im obsessed with this song!!!

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