Michelle Branch & Timbaland, "Getaway"

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Michelle Branch & Timbaland, "Getaway"

Michelle Branch & Timbaland, "Getaway" Official Music Video

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Nice one! I really appreciate your music. Very nice michelle branch and timbaland such a great partner. I hope there's a lot more video that you will post that michelle and timberland are the singers. Thank you admin for posting this video I really love listening to this one Thank you! Check this out social media applications

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Both artists have done a marvelous presentation of good music. I just love the song that is presented by this video. Trying to search for the similar video by these artists.
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Love it!

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I've been humming the song.. hehehe :) I want to sing it with lyrics! haha! By the way, the video is so cute!! and Michelle sounds so different.. nice one! :)

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