"Hotel Paper" Live Acoustic

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"Hotel Paper" Live Acoustic

Michelle performs "Hotel Paper" acoustic in the studio

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i love this song so much....hearing it played this way is the best. the acoustic version reminds me of when you dedicated it to me in Pittsburgh, pa while on tour with the goo goo dolls. i will be forever thankful to you for that. it meant so much...the lyrics are just amazing and your voice is beyond amazing. thanks for sharing this song with the world. your the best michelle.. thank u xoxoxo

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This is and will remain my very favorite song of yours, especially when played like this! Thanks for being absolutely amazing :)

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Hello Michelle - you sound great on acoustic! Loving it. Er..., tell me, are you using standard tuning? because when I try to follow your chords, it doesn't sound quite right, and my guitar is tuned, honest!

Peace, sister.

ps: I'd like to thank whoever is shooting your vids for also focusing on your hand placement, it really helps us guitar novices... :) so a gazillion thanks!

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