Balancing Family & Music

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Balancing Family & Music

Michelle talks about being a Mom and growing up in the spotlight. The video also features a new song called "For Dear Life."

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The acoustic version of "for dear life" sounds amazing. I hope that you do a deluxe version of the album with unreleased tracks or acoustic tracks for your super fans. -
Kyle Thomas Glasser

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Cheers to you, beautiful lady. I, too, balance my daughter (aged 15 now--she, too, has music in her blood), my fiance, and a challenging job in the Air Force. It is such a joy to see Owen growing up healthy and happy (I loved "the bee song" video). I, too, look forward to a time when I can be more family-focused and whole.

I've been a fan since "Broken Bracelet", saw you in Valdosta, GA while you were a Wrecker (you opened for Billy Currington of all things), I am such a fan.
Best wishes to you and Teddy and Owen. Hugs from Cental Cali...AAron Dyke

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