Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Thu, 2012-06-07
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.,michelle branch in manila!!!it would be a great concert if it is at sm-moa!!

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I hate the concert date.. I hate it.

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I can't wait for her concert in Manila! I waited for 10 years for this one to happen! I even wrote her a fanmail when I missed her presscon during her first visit in Manila. See you next month, Michelle! :).

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@kathlabanico.. i know how u feels... when my brother tagged me about the concert i was like jumping all around the room and people was staring at me like a lunatic.. i have been waiting for this concert for 10 long years and now its about to happen... so so so so so so so so so excited to see her... i just wish that they bring cds too because it so hard to look for her cds here in the Philippines and even in other asian countries...

see u here in cebu michelle <3


im so excited and i just cant hide it... hehheheh

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Went to the show

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