Everything Comes and Goes Cover

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Everything Comes and Goes Cover

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Everything Comes And Goes
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it's cute, but i like the cover of sooner or later single better :P

lazar_tranceDj's picture

very good cover i like it.exelent ;) GO AHEAD Michelle!! ;)

Javito13's picture

Very beautiful cover!! ^^, i really like it ;).

relover89's picture

mnemosyne4: similar font...what????

go look at hotel paper and the spirit room they are both completely different....
from themselves and every comes and goes...

I lovvvve it

I love how the mountains are like on your arm/shoulder

the title almost looks like a paintbrush writing

now if only we can get a release date sooon............

confetti's picture

This is the most beautiful album cover that I have ever seen! I love it.

goodbye2u's picture

This is an awesome and beautiful cover. Michelle is like a desert mirage...

archer_79's picture

Beautiful! Can't wait til it comes out :-)

mnemosyne4's picture

Awesome! The only thing that I would have changed would have been the font...since each of her previous albums had a very similar font. I guess, in a way, the font makes sense since the title is "everything comes and goes" haha.

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