West Coast Time Album Cover

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West Coast Time Album Cover

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West Coast Time
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I really love this album cover! So sultry, sexy and as always..beautiful.

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It's different, very different but it's very her! It's very truthful and very raw and very open and not so overly produced or worked at. So, it's actually natural where as some album covers are manipulated and distorted. I think I like that more and can totally appreciate that because that idea is going to thread throughout this album because that's Michelle Branch. She is natural and originally. She isn't manipulated (too much) and that IS her singing on the record, that IS her strumming the guitar, those ARE her lyrics, and this IS her creativity of music collaborating with other musically creative people. My only negative comment is her pose, I would have taken the image that's posted on the website where as this pose of her seems like she saw a ghost and she's wide-eyed and in a bit of a shock. STILL, this is a good cover which is TOTALLY going to match the hard work she put into this album! CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR IT then! Can't wait to hear it on the radio!!! GOOO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are beautiful and amazingly talented ( :

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It's reminiscent in a way ... Nice choice !

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I think this is a great photo for the cover. You look great And I love your music keep it comeing

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I like it! :)

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