West Coast Time 10

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West Coast Time 10

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West Coast Time
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oh my gosh, i love you. so pretty

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i`m one of your most sweet and very most loving fan of yours of all time, how is the weather doing these days so far. i was just wondering if i could give you a most big huge #KISSES# and a most big huge #HUGS# and a most big huge HUGE #SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHES# all at the sametime. you are the most lovable, beautiful and you are my MOST GORGEOUS AND VERY MOST BEST PEROSNAL FAVORITE SINGER AND YOU LOOK SO REALLY WONDERFUL TOO AND I LOVE IT TOO of all time, electrifying, cuteness, gorgeous, precious, adorable, loving, fantastic, prettiest, wonderful, sweetiest, impressive, terrific and very very most attractive, fabulous, incredible singer person that you really are. and this one is just for you only #SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHES# there you go honey and sweetie. and if that is ok by you of course. your voice is just as so very sweet as you are, your body and hair the most wonderful and gorgeous way of a new look and you look really lovely too. ps. please write soon. well take care and best of luck to you in the future. your cd is the most best and greatest one yet too. and most of all i love you honey and sweetie.

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Gorgeous...been waiting since '03 for this album w00t!

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