a lil intro.. im new at this

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a lil intro.. im new at this

hey everyone! val here! been a proud mb fan for about 7 years. starting listening to her when i was a preteen... anyways... i love her music and her talent. she is a beautiful person inside and out and very sweet.
i've only seen her in concert 3 times. alomost 4 but she got sick so they cancelled her show. i was super upset. but i saw her back in 2003 i believe at wango tango here in LA,cali i went just to see her.. oh and santana!
then i've kept her music alive here at home and with others around me. after hotel paper i got worried that she was out of the music but then the wreckers were created. as soon as i heard of the cd coming out i got it as soon as possible and LOVE it!
saw the wreckers july 9 2006 was the first in line i waited all day. i didnt care it was michelle and it was general admissions so duh ima wait to all day to see her. as i was waiting outside i was on the phone with one of my friends and right in the middle of the convo michelle and jessica walked right passed me... i was shocked... it didnt registry til about 10 seconds later that it was michelle. anyways it was a great show! she gave me her guitar pick.
then on april 18 2007 i saw them again in hollywood. and AGAIN i was first in-line. and this time i met michelle! she signed my ticket and took a pic with me. i was a 6 year old dream come true! i was so nervous... my body was shaking and went number. but i was a day i'll never forget. and during the show was right in front of her and she gave me her pick again!
cant wait til her new solo cd comes out! and til she starts touring again! and i guarantee i'll be first in-line again!

go ahead and add me on myspace... myspace.com/thisbeval


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