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Posted on February 17 , 2009 by wbradmin in

So although this post won’t have news of MY new record(patience my friends, patience), it is news about someone else's. A few months back I got asked to sing on my friend Chris Isaak’s record (which I was thrilled to do). He’s so talented and if you have never had the chance to see him live, you must. It’s one of my favorite shows. Last week while in Arizona, Chris and his band had me up to sing Walking After Midnight with them. It was such a blast. It was also Owen’s first real concert besides seeing mommy play, and let me tell you, she was hooked.

Chris’s new album Mr. Lucky comes out next week February 24th. It’s his first studio album in seven years. I was lucky enough to be sent an advance copy and trust me, the album is fantastic from start to finish.

So here is a little taste of the song I sing on, I Lose My Heart. Thanks for letting me sing on your record Chris!!


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Posted on February 9 , 2009 by wbradmin in

Hey guys,

I just landed in Arizona and I'm checking in from my iPhone while trying to rent a car. I wanted to let you know what we have in store for this Monday. Basically if you sign up for my mailing list by registering on the website you get the full track of "This Way" free. Very cool. I hope you all enjoy it. Think of it as a valentine from me to you. Oh, and if you already are a member - You get it too!

See ya next Monday :)


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Posted on February 2 , 2009 by wbradmin in

Hey everyone. Hope you guys are well. I would have posted sooner but I've been out all day writing here in Nashville. I'm a little bit sad today because as most of you know I'm from Arizona and our Cardinals lost the Super Bowl yesterday. What a great game though. I had some friends over last night and we made homemade pizza, rum punch and chocolate chip cookies. We had a really great time. Tomorrow I'm getting together with my old friend Wayne Kirkpatrick (who helped write My, Oh My) to do some more writing and then Thursday it's off to Los Angeles.
Here is your present for this week: two new unreleased photos from the album. (Atleast I think you have never seen them before. I never know with you guys!) Enjoy! Come back next Monday for another treat.
xo, M

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Posted on January 26 , 2009 by wbradmin in

Hey guys,

I hope you are enjoying the short video clip of This Way. Like I said, Raphael Mazucco shot this out in the desert while we were taking photos for the album. It's amazing what you can do with a store bought hand held video camera these days. I especially like the part where "hold" is written across my chest (???)...hmmm...I'll have to ask Raphael what he was trying to say artistically there :) Check back next Monday February 2nd for another little present.



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