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Posted on March 9 , 2009 by wbradmin in

Hey everyone,

Well it’s Monday and it seems I can never keep surprises from you all.

I was going to post A Case of You, my Joni Mitchell cover from the WB 50th Anniversary cover song album but you guys found it. Then I was going to tell you all that This Way is going to be released as a digital download soon (no, not a single) and y’all found that too. Hmmm. I guess in that case I’ll just let you know what I’m up to.

I’m going in to mix the single in the next couple of weeks, which is really, really exciting! I can’t tell you the name of it yet but I can tell you that you may have heard it live before ;) I’m also going in the studio to cut 3 or 4 more new songs with the amazingly talented Tony Brown. I’ve been writing so much and I’m excited I get to throw a couple brand new songs down last minute. One of the songs we’re tracking that I love is called Carry Me. It’s a mountainy bluegrass-ish song I wrote with my good friend Ashley Monroe. It almost sounds like an old hymn. It will be fun to see that track come together as it’s really the first true bluegrass influenced song I’ve recorded for the record. Ashley and I are gonna try to make a little video for you so you can see what goes into a song and what inspires us. Maybe we’ll have it next Monday ;)

Take care and stop stealing my surprises already!!
Xo, M

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Posted on March 2 , 2009 by wbradmin in

25 Random Things About Michelle Branch...From Michelle herself!

1. I really like cleaning. Dirty things make me uncomfortable. Especially hair on the ground.

2. When I'm out in public and someone sneezes, I hold my breath and quickly walk away toward clean air. I know. I sound like a freak. My dad calls me Howard Hughes.

3. I LOVE birthdays. Yours, mine, a strangers', it really doesn't matter. I often fake my birthday at random restaurants just to get free dessert.

4. Speaking of dessert...I wish I was a pastry chef. The smell and feel of dough makes me want to cry.

5. I am a horrible swimmer. I think it's because my dad always made a big deal about being careful around water. He made me permanently paranoid.

6. My other theory about water: I might have drowned in a past life. I get really scared by water especially at night.

7. Speaking of past lives...I completely believe in them. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. I believe in God, but not like most religions present it.

8. I have a birthmark under my right eye but a lot of people don't know because it's always covered with make-up when I'm working. If you happened to see me without make-up, no I do not have a black eye.

9. I am obsessed with Manifest Destiny and The Oregon Trail. I think I was a pioneer in a past life.

10. I wish I had lived in the 60's-70's just for the music alone. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I could go on and on and on.

11. I recently realized I'm a shop-o-holic (after seeing the movie) I have acknowledged my ways and I will try and change. Keyword: try.

12. I love furniture. I love the history of it, the shape...I'm kind of an antique furniture dealer wanna-be.

13. I love getting tattoos. I have to use restraint, otherwise I would be covered.

14. I love classic musicals. My original aspiration was to be on Broadway or to be a Disney character's singing voice.

15. I'm obsessed with Disneyland. Seriously.

16. I had the worst 16th birthday ever. I remember crying myself to sleep. No party, no anything. And you know how important birthdays are for me!

17. I am a cat person. I love dogs but I could never actually own one.

18. I am a vegetarian but when I'm hung over I sneak bacon at breakfast and later deny it happening.

19. I want to move to Italy when I "retire."

20. I HATE dancing but if I drink enough tequila I might try to.

21. I believe in astrology and love reading my horoscope.

22. I have always wanted to see a tornado in real life but now that I live in Tennessee, maybe not so much.

23. I love costumes and costume parties. I already know what I'm gonna be for next Halloween but it will probably change 100 times before then.

24. I hate flying. It's not natural.

25. I love watching movies. I could spend days in bed watching movie after movie and I actually have gone to theaters by myself. What a loser!!

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Posted on February 23 , 2009 by wbradmin in

Hey everyone,
Well we were going to post the whole video for “This Way” this Monday but we had to scramble for something new at the last minute (Raphael posted the whole video *with an old audio mix* on his site and y'all seemed to find it.)

So very last minute Owen helped me figure out something to show you. It's our new favorite song of the moment, The Bees from Lee Ann Womack's new wonderful album Call Me Crazy. Enjoy!

I'm out to see a Dwight/Amy Lee/Gavin DeGraw taping :)

xo, M

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Posted on February 23 , 2009 by wbradmin in

Happy Monday Everyone!

As part of our exclusive Michelle material Monday's we decided to treat everyone to a brand new photo. Click on over to the gallery and check it out. We may have a little something extra coming your way too! Keep checking back...


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