West Coast Time Album Cover Revealed

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West Coast Time Album Cover Revealed

Get a first look at the cover of Michelle's brand new album West Coast Time coming this fall. Check out a full version of the image in the Photo Gallery. What do you think of the cover? Share your comments with Michelle below.

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I wish you all the best with your new release. You still owe us in Hawaii a show with your band : )

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the album cover is so pretty :) and so indie. :))

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That's such an amazing cover, as far as I'm concerned!! :D Can't wait to order this album!! I'm so happy!! :)

SingStar's picture

I love it! It's simple but very special, just like Michelle. I can't wait to listen to "West Coast Time"!!!

fujicandyapple's picture

PRETTY! :D. Can't wait to preorder this album!

reneboylovesmichelle's picture

cant wait for the album! good luck on it1 :))

aco99's picture

Pre-orders please?! I do hope that when this album comes out in September, it'll be available too for International fans X_X I can't wait to order!!! X_x

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yeah! PLEASE? :3

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wow, the image too small but i think it's good

sweetgirl's picture

i love the new album cover! i can't wait till it is released!

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