Welcome to the New MichelleBranch.com!

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Welcome to the New MichelleBranch.com!

Welcome to the BRAND NEW MichelleBranch.com! Take a look around and discover all the new pages, features, and different ways you can connect with Michelle. Want a quick tour? Read all about the new features below and login to get started!

- Registered members of Michellebranch.com can now create and update your own profiles! You can add friends, comment on other profiles, and more! Get started by logging in or signing up.

- The new TOUR section is better than ever. Not only can you get information on upcoming shows, but check out Michelle's tour ARCHIVE too. You can now add your very own photos, videos and your concert memories to tour dates.

- The MUSIC page has been updated too. You can rate and review all of your favorite Michelle songs. Click on the song titles to read lyrics too.

- The PHOTO GALLERY has had a makeover. There are multiple galleries in each section to make it easier to find your favorite photos. Plus, you can rate your favorite pictures too! Don't forget to also upload your photos to the Fan Gallery here.

Take a peek around and browse through the site to discover all of the new features. Let Michelle know what you think by leaving a comment below. Stay tuned for news updates and fun contests coming soon!
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Thanks Sarah, I totally love this new website...well done!!!! ;)

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absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! Love!!!

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thanks sarah, i prefer this page to the old

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I'm waiting for the new contests

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