New Song "Another Sun" Featured in FOX's Terra Nova

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New Song "Another Sun" Featured in FOX's Terra Nova

Want another sneak peek at new music from Michelle? A brand new song called "Another Sun" is being featured in a special music video for FOX's upcoming series Terra Nova. Watch clips of Michelle in the studio and get a first listen at the song below. Terra Nova premiere's Monday, September 26th 8/7c on FOX.

What do you think of the new song? Share your comments with Michelle below.

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Great song! Is it going to be on your new album? If not, how can I get it?

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Wow, I'm speechless! This song is amazing! Can't wait for the new album!

jrmontecarlo24's picture

Amazing as usual...

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You just get BETTER in every album, gosh, just like wine, you r amazing!

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Absolutely love this song :)

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Can't wait for your new album and hope you will come in Paris for a concert.

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GORGEOUS song. I can't wait for the new album to come out. Seriously. Loving the new music. Thanks for being an inspiration to women who worry that becoming a mom will take away their creativity and artistic drive!

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OMG...Michelle, this song is AMAZING!!!!! It fits the show like a glove, from the scenes shown in the video....I love it!!! I've now fallen in love with yet ANOTHER of your songs....canNOT wait for that album!!!!!

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Great job M. I loved it! I wasn't planning on watching that show, but I am now FO' REALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice work!

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