The Loud Music Hits EP Available Now

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The Loud Music Hits EP Available Now

Michelle's biggest hits are being re-released on a new EP called "The Loud Music Hits." Download the album on iTunes or Amazon now. Share the EP with your friends to re-introduce them to Michelle's music, including her new single "Loud Music." You can gift the EP to a friend on iTunes or simply share the link on your Facebook & Twitter.

To celebrate the release of the new EP we're asking YOU to share some of your memories of listening to these songs. Simply post a comment below documenting a memory or story related to one of the songs on the EP. We'll be giving away autographed posters to 10 lucky fans. Enter now and don't forget to share Michelle's music with your friends!

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Gosh where do i begin...I was 11 yrs old when my mom bought me my first C.D. and it happend to be michelle first i upset she bought me this one instead of britney spears lol but once i sat down stuck it in my c.d. player i still have that i got for my 7th birthday i couldn't stop singing to it everynight be4 going to bed and when i woke for school it helped me wake up in the morning.When pple ask its hard to choose a fav song bc they all have a meaning but if i had to chose one it would have to be Good Bye To You because growing up my cousin was completely obsessed with Buffy and got me hooked even.5yrs ago my nana passed away from cancer and when i was 11 till the time she passed we'd always sing it in the car.when she passed i sang it at her funral as cuz that was our song.I'll never 4get the time i blasted spirit room so loud in my room my mom came in cursing if u dnt turn that down i'll do it for you!! lol. I think No MATTER HOW PPLE FEEL ABOUT HER MUSIC till this day on her music will never get old in a since shes inspired me to bcome a writer and guitar player myself.So with that said i appreciate my mom for buying me this album instead of britney's bc i can truely say i don't know where i'd be with out her music.I also had the honor of meeting her at a recent show this summer and i gotta admit it was def my OMFG moment i dnt think ive ever shook that much lol

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Michelle's 'All you wanted' was the first song I completely fell in love with. I was 13 and had just started buying albums the last Christmas. I hadn't really found my style of music yet, but I was just buying albums that were popular and playing in Top 40. Some of my first albums, Shakira, Craig David, Lifehouse, Desiny's Child and Mary J Blige just weren't cutting it. but when I bought Michelle's "The Spirit Room" album, I knew right away there was something really special about it. And after a few weeks with the album, I knew it was the type of music I would always love. Michelle and the song "All you wanted" also inspired me to get a guitar and start writing my own songs. Now almost 10 years later, my favorite hobby is playing guitar and writing and Michelle's music is still my favorite.

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i didn't really have interest in music when i was younger. don't care about songs, the radio, the guitar. year 2000, i was grade 4, a local music channel showed daily top 10 videos, and saw "all you wanted". i was so attracted to the song. it was first time i think i got the interest on singing and music. and then when i was a 2nd year high school student, someone on a stage awesome-ly played, "one of these days" and then i realized, i got to learn to play an instrument. i decided it's going to be a guitar, and piano later on. today, so ironic from my childhood life, music is my hobby. whenever im sad and stressed from school works, i get my guitar, play songs (..that are almost by MichelleB) then im hyped!

i didn't join any bands because i decided it's just going to be between me and the music im listening. but today in college, me and my classmates formed band for CONTEST'S SAKE. we joined 2, and won all. hehe. i think because we just enjoyed playing, like michelle's doing while performance. (p.s. i really like the way she's on stage ~ *sigh* it's like dancing. but singing. xD )

that's all, bow. :)

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The Spirit Room and later Hotel Paper were always in my car when I was going through junior high and then high school - more than a decade ago. I have loved and will always love Michelle's songs. Her authentic lyrics, catchy melodies and driving rhythms always connect with something inside me. But at that younger age and as a gay guy growing up in Nebraska, trying to figure himself out, songs like Everywhere and All You Wanted may have had a bit different meaning for me than others: They always gave me hope for a love I could have someday. It is maybe a little ironic, then, that following my first serious breakup a couple of years ago, I turned again to Michelle's music. "Breathe" and "Goodbye" became my anthems during a really emotional time. Songs come and go in the music-sphere, but it's amazing to me how Michelle's music has always evolved along with me as I've grown up. So, thank you, Michelle! I'm so glad to have your music with me as I drive along life's highway.

**I know this is kind of a contest thing or whatever, but I want to say that I'm not really writing this for that. I have all of Michelle's songs, and I would rather someone who hasn't heard her work before were exposed to her amazing talent.

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I remember watching the All You Wanted video on MTV 10 years ago and instantly falling in love with her and her music,went to the computer, looked her up and I couldn't believe how talented she was!!! From that day on, I'm a huge fan of Michelle,and one of my most important posessions is my "Hotel Paper" CD with 15 tracks instead of the 12 track version, she is simply one of the greatest... hope to see her live in Argentina some day!

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Meech's music always brings me so many memories. One memory in particular involved "Are You Happy Now?"...well somewhat. Back when she just released her 2nd album Hotel Paper, she had a concert here in New York. It was my very first concert and I had to bring ID so I can even enter the venue (because it served alcohol). I was just turning 18 at the time, so I didn't even have a driver's permit yet, so the only ID I could bring was my passport. Michelle was amazing and sung 14 songs that night. After the last song was sung, she started to sign autographs, and I really wanted one too. The only problem was I had no paper or anything to sign with on me...but oh did I? I had my passport didn't I? But as I stepped forward to ask Michelle to sign it, she was already turning around to leave. So close. And that's the story of how Michelle (almost) signed my passport. lol

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