The Loud Music Hits EP Available Now

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The Loud Music Hits EP Available Now

Michelle's biggest hits are being re-released on a new EP called "The Loud Music Hits." Download the album on iTunes or Amazon now. Share the EP with your friends to re-introduce them to Michelle's music, including her new single "Loud Music." You can gift the EP to a friend on iTunes or simply share the link on your Facebook & Twitter.

To celebrate the release of the new EP we're asking YOU to share some of your memories of listening to these songs. Simply post a comment below documenting a memory or story related to one of the songs on the EP. We'll be giving away autographed posters to 10 lucky fans. Enter now and don't forget to share Michelle's music with your friends!

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I'll never forget seeing the video for "Everywhere" for the first time on MTV's TRL. I was hooked instantly and I remember being so excited when I got The Spirit Room for my 13th birthday. "Everywhere" will always be my favorite song and video of Michelle's and The Spirit Room has changed my life forever.

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With Santana -- The Game of Love plus the Video Rocks.

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I remember when I got the album Hotel Paper. I bought it mostly for the song Breathe, but then I heard the rest and was hooked. Tuesday Morning, One of These Days, and the title track Hotel Paper carried me through a very rough patch of heartbreak and sadness. I will never forget the good memories that I have every time I hear those songs. I Want Tears, Everything Comes and Goes, and Sooner or Later are always in my playlists as well. Thanks for the awesome songs and beautiful lyrics Michelle!
Peace and Love to you and yours!

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Hotel Paper, the song, gets me everytime. It's typical Michelle, nostalgic, beautiful guitars. It's a dream of mine to hear it live one day !!

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and when u do hear her play live enjoy every minute every ounce of every song she plays.i got my 1st chance finally this summer and i will never forget it..

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I can never forget THE exact moment I first heard and fell in love with Michelles music! It was 2001 and I was 15. I had never been into music before, never had a favorite band or song, couldnt name most songs off the radio. I had MTV's TRL on as background noise as I made my bed. A few notes into "Everywhere" and I stopped and stared at the TV. It was like I was being PULLED in! Just a few notes and I was HOOKED! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Michelle made my night/day/week/month/year when she played "For Dear Life" for me at the Reno show =) I'll never forget it. #ThankYouMichelle

Oops! That's not on the EP, sorry lol
Loud Music live and in the front row was an amazing experience!

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All You Wanted has been my favorite song since the very first time I heard it. It was also the very first song I learned to play on guitar. Michelle had even dedicated the song to me once at one of her shows, which happened to be on my birthday. What a cool birthday present!!
Goodbye to You is also a very special song to me. I remember coming home from school everyday and getting online to vote for the video on TRL. I would be so happy and excited when I would see that it made it to the count down!
Breathe got me though one of the scariest moments of my life. Within the past year I was having medical problems and none of the doctors could seem to figure it out. I remember going for test after test being scared to death. Then one day at the hospital i heard Breathe. I listened to the words "everything is alright if i just breathe" I took a deep breathe and well Michelle was right. Everything worked out in the end :)

The day the Hotel Paper album came out I got up early to get to the store as soon as it opened. I remember listening to it on the way home and then watching Michelle on MTV later that afternoon.

All of Michelle's songs will always have a special place in my heart. If it weren't for her and her amazing music, I honestly don't think I would be the same person I am today. She has inspired me and helped me get through so many tough times in my life. But also I ended up meeting some pretty great people because of her.

Thank you for 10 years of great music and memories Michelle. Looking forward to many more.

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thats awsome i bet thats a memory that will always be close to you :)

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The song "Everywhere" brings back great memories for me. When I was in 4th grade, I was so inspired by Michelle Branch that I began guitar lessons. From my teacher I learned how to read tab and chord diagrams, so I bought the sheet music for "Everywhere" to learn on my own. After learning "Everywhere", I learned "All You Wanted" and because of that song, I learned what a capo was and how to use it, haha. Without these songs, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today musically and I probably wouldn't have learned how to play the guitar if I wasn't exposed to her music.

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