The Loud Music Hits EP Available Now

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The Loud Music Hits EP Available Now

Michelle's biggest hits are being re-released on a new EP called "The Loud Music Hits." Download the album on iTunes or Amazon now. Share the EP with your friends to re-introduce them to Michelle's music, including her new single "Loud Music." You can gift the EP to a friend on iTunes or simply share the link on your Facebook & Twitter.

To celebrate the release of the new EP we're asking YOU to share some of your memories of listening to these songs. Simply post a comment below documenting a memory or story related to one of the songs on the EP. We'll be giving away autographed posters to 10 lucky fans. Enter now and don't forget to share Michelle's music with your friends!

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I threw my best friend a surprise birthday party our freshman year in college at another friend's apartment. Someone handed me a guitar and asked me to play something. I only knew a few songs (and had never played in front of anyone before) but I had just learned "Goodbye to You" so I played that. A few days after, a guy I'd met at the birthday party took me out for a date. He was playing The Spirit Room in his car--he'd liked the song so much he'd gone out and bought the CD! We were married 14 months later. When we went to get the first ultrasound of our baby, the nurse had the radio on and "Breathe" started playing just as we found out we were having a daughter. My husband said he got to meet both his girls to Michelle Branch songs.

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I remember when the 'Hotel Paper' album came out. I got up early to go to the store and had to wait for them to bring it out from the back because it hadn't even been stocked yet. That was the summer I graduated from high school. I listened to that album all summer long and related to many of the songs as I was beginning a huge transition in my life. When I went to the beach for a week with my girlfriend at the time, 'Tuesday Morning' really struck a chord with me. What would end up being my favorite track on the album though, 'Breathe', really helped me stay grounded and balanced when I started college that summer. I was kind of a rough transition; being away from home and my friends and loved ones, as well as learning the new routine of the Corps of Cadets and the Army ROTC program at school. 'Breathe' helped me achieve a certain serenity that I couldn't find anyplace else at the time. It is still one of my favorite of Michelle's songs.

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I remember listening to "The Spirit Room" when it first came out. I was only 5, but I though the CD was the best thing ever(and I still do)! I forgot about it for a while, but when I rediscovered it I wondered how I could've forgotten about Michelle at all! This year I had to face the music about a relationship that wasn't working out, and listening to "Goodbye to You" on repeat really helped me! Now I'm as good as new!

Thank you so much Michelle for making such INCREDIBLE music that is amazing at any age! <3

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I've been a huge fan of Michelle's from the beginning (Broken Bracelet! Woo!). Her songs drew me in instantly and while she was growing up and developing her music I was right there with her just waiting for every new album. The Spirit Room confirmed my love for Michelle and no one could get it out of my CD Player (mom my was tired of listening to me sing), such was the same with Hotel paper.
As Hotel Paper's first song, Are You Happy Now? was very memorable for me. I remember watching the video and telling my family to "Be quiet! I'm watching Michelle Branch's new video!" They just stared at me as I sat watching the video. I loved the cool effects and watching Michelle scream at the camera while singing, plus there are TWO MICHELLE'S in the video!
Anyway, I love Are You Happy Now? and it's very close to my heart, so much so that I have to listen to it all the way through. In fact, today at the bank, just while I was about to leave it came on. Instead of leaving, I ended up stepping back into the bank and sitting down to listen to the song.
Yep, that's how much I love Michelle and her music.

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At the beginning of my realization of the passion I have for music, I was never one for female "pop" singers. I was just one of those people that was so much more into the rock bands of that period. I remember seeing the music video of, "Are You Happy Now?" and I immediately loved the song, even though it strayed away from all my other musical tastes. This led to me purchasing, 'The Spirit Room', and I fell in love with, "All You Wanted". Regardless of how many times I listened to that song, I would still belt it out at the top of my lungs with so much energy and passion. There is just something about that song that has so much emotion in it. Amazing. Even though that song is probably my all time favorite, I love the album just as much. Now, I can't get enough of "Loud Music". It makes me think of the man in my life that I care about so much, my dreams, and how I'm going to make it all possible. Michelle Branch is such a huge inspiration to me and I refuse to let my dreams down because of that. Currently, my friends and I have created a band; something that has always been my dream. And I know I can do this. It's in me and I won't let it die. I have such amazing inspirational people to look up to and with that, there's no way I can fail. Thank you, Michelle.

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When I saw the video for Are You Happy Now? on MTV Latin America a few years ago, I was 8. I didn't used to speak English in that time (because I live in Mexico) but I felt inmediatly the angriness in the song and I could finally understand it a couple of years later. Anyway, I was completely in love with the song and I ask my parents to buy me te record, they said something like "yes, tomorrow" and that night I couldn't sleep because of the emotion! Then, I had my copy of Hotel Paper and I listened Are You Happy Now? over and over and over again. I told my sister "let's make our version of the video". So we did it, I was playing Michelle and everything was so cool, the funny part about it is that.. i'm a guy.

Greetings, Mich, I adore you!

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I remember listening to Everywhere 9 years ago. I was just 9 years old and the music video was playing on TV. I was so young and don't understand what's the meaning of the song. I just enjoyed the catchy beat and your vocal performance. I felt exciting and happy whenever the song was on. I was really into it. I listened to it everyday even when I was sleeping. Then the song All you wanted came out. That's my favorite song ever. I was listening to it like cazy. After that I was interested in guitar alot thanks to you. Just so you know that I am a big fan and I love your music so much.

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Breathe has always been my favorite of Michelle's songs. When I get upset, I drive around town, listening Breathe on repeat, hoping it will rain.

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I was driving through California and recognized an old gas station as a location that was used in the video for her song "Sooner or Later". I pulled over and parked at the old gas station and put on the cd with "Sooner or Later" on it. It was so cool just sitting there listening to that great song at a location that was used in the video for the song.

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"Goodbye to You" has been my favorite song since day one. I have the single in my CD alarm clock and have woken up to that song every day for the last eight years or so. Those guitar strums that open the song make getting up a little easier each day. Michelle has such a knack of writing great songs that start off slow and end up rocking at that end....I love that! Also, I just got married on August 20th and I had our DJ play a ton of Michelle Branch songs at our reception. During the night, my new wife and I danced to "You Get Me", cause we each have our little quirks and we love that about each other.

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