Join For a Chance to Win!

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Join For a Chance to Win!

Are you a member of We'll be giving away autographed posters and merchandise prize packs to one lucky winner per week through the month of October. To enter, all you need is an account here on All members will automatically be entered into weekly giveaway, so join now for a chance to win! Good luck and stay tuned for the first winner to be announced next week.

If you're already registered, don't forget to visit the Michelle Branch Message Boards to chat with people from around the world, get exclusive messages from Michelle, and more! Visit the boards here and join the community of fans just like you!

If you have any questions regarding the contest or need help signing up email
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jamieleigh08's picture

now what??? what contest is this all about? :)

man0lo's picture

i want a poster :D :D :D pleeeeeeaaaaseeeee :D michelleeee XD

MBLuver8989's picture

I would love to win! What happened to the autographed photos promised to PIF members that did a certain mission?

sarah's picture

Which Mission? Was it on Facebook or here on the site? Let me know and I'll send out prizes if I missed a contest. :)

MBLuver8989's picture

It was a while back. But something along the lines of the first ten people to send a picture proving they advertised something Michelle branch related. I'm pretty sure I was in the top to people to do it. I can't find that mission though, the play it forward page only shows me the latest three missions.

edit: And i figured out how to show the rest of the missions. Hmmm, I remember there being a mission with the first ten people doing something but I don't see it. Maybe wishful thinking?

sarah's picture

Ok, email me your info to and I'll send you your prize. Thanks for the contest reminder. :)

lolshelly's picture

Wow I still listen to Michelle's first album! lol. I love her music!!!!

Davis Shouse Jr's picture

Win or not ..Love You And Your Family & Total Team!

aki's picture

I want to win! <3

khandie's picture

ooohh.. 1st. :)) wannna win... wanna win... pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase?

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