iTunes "Meet The Musician" Event Photos

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iTunes "Meet The Musician" Event Photos

Apple invited Michelle to host an exclusive Q&A for their "Meet The Musician" series last week. She stopped by their SoHo store in New York to answer some questions from fans and give a sneak peek at a couple songs from her upcoming album, West Coast Time. Check out pictures from the event in the Photo Gallery. A couple photos of her backstage have also been added here. If you were at the event, share your comments below!

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If I was more photogenic, I'd totally post my shot. It was such an honor meeting you.
I will never wash that shirt I was wearing - ok, just kidding.

I do wish I hadn't chickened out on my question, which I will post here:
"Do you have any favorite rituals to get yourself into 'songwriting mode', and how do you know when it's 'done'."

Lots of love and best wishes,

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love the photo! :)

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most gracious lady,!

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