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Ivan_May's picture

Hello Mrs. Michelle Branch, 

How are you? I am a huge fan of your live work!

You are a very sexy songwriter & guitarist. 

I love your grammy winning songs "Everywhere" & "The Game Of Love"

I am also a huge fan of your husband Patrick Carney.

I'm glad your divorced your piece of Shit husband Teddy Landau.

My name is Ivan May, I am 17 years old, I live in Atlanta, GA, & my dream is to become a musician 

I want to become a guitarist just like you.

I offered to produce a new album with you for verve records & Columbia Records. 

The album should be called This Is My World, & we should record at live Starstruck Studios, Westlake Audio overdubbing, & at Henson Studios.

We should write some of our own songs, plus we should cover "No Show Tonight" by Phoebe Snow, "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" by Dusty Springfield, & "Lotta Love" by Nicolette Larson & Neil Young.

We will both play Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, & Vocals.

Patrick Carney & Noah Hungate should play Drums. 

Samuel Porcaro should play Fender Bass, Ukulele, & Backing Vocals. 

Trevor Lukather should play rhythm guitar.

Jordan Smith should play Keyboards, Backing Vocals. 

Backing Vocals sung by Bianca Ryan, Davon Fleming & Karli Starchuk.

Do you love Linda Ronstadt? 

vanbroekhoest's picture

Such a shame the EU tour has been canceled. Was so hoping to finally see you play live in Amsterdam. Your record company really let you down. I'm keeping hopes up for a small tour later this year! Wishing you all the best.

k33well's picture

Is it true that the UK leg of the tour has been cancelled? Truly gutted as this was the gig of the year for me. Been looking forward to seeing Michelle in the UK for many years. So hope Michelle gets to reschedule. Andy.