Here's a behind the scenes video with some studio footage for my new single Best You Ever. Big thanks to my friends at Refinery 29 for premiering it - I hope it gives you a sense of what it felt like when we were recording it.

In celebration of my new album Hopeless Romantic, I'll be playing a special show at Webster Hall in NYC on April 7th (release day). Tickets are almost sold out. I can't wait to see you there! You can get a CD copy of the album along with your ticket purchase - more info can be found HERE.

Lastly, I wanted let you know that the second piece in my limited-edition Iconery jewelry line is available now. This collection has been so fun for me to create. These pieces are all inspired by the new album. These earrings are Victorian-inspired romance, a heart in one ear, a skull in the other. Feel free to wear them together or mix them up with all your other favorites. Both the spinning pendent and the earrings are available in silver as well as gold. You can check out the site here:



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