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August 14th marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Michelle's first album The Spirit Room! To celebrate the special occasion we're hosting an exciting new contest. We're giving away an original certified platinum album plaque, customized with the name of one lucky winner. As an added bonus Michelle will also sign the plaque. ENTER NOW for a chance to win!

What are some of your favorite memories from The Spirit Room album? Share your comments with Michelle below.

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I remember when I turned like 9 or 10, all i wanted for my birthday was this album, and i didnt even pay attention to any of my other gifts, i just listened to this cd over and over until i knew every song. Probably the best gift ive ever gotten, michelles songs are just so amazing and inspiring and they always get me through hard times in my life.

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10 years ago!!! Wow, they have gone very quickly! I remember watching the music video of "everywhere" on MTV LA at that time and I just thought that her song was great and I really wanted to knew more and more about that singer. As a funny story, I remember me searching on the internet for "Michael Branch"! LOL!! My english was terrible, but I found some songs and then when I just listened to "all you wanted" for the very first time, it just made an instant click and I became a huuuuge fan since then!! Of course after a days I discovered that her name was Michelle Branch!! but unfortunatelly "the spirit room" was very difficult to find here in Mexico, so I was not able to buy it phisically at that time.. but then when "Everywhere" got more plays on the radio and on the music channels, Warner Music Mexico released the mexican edition of this album, so when I just found it, I just came totally crazy about it and made everything I could to buy it!!! I even remember the record store where I bought it. (Of course I didn't had money, so my parents bought it for me, LOL, I was very young). Also I remember talking with one of my best friends about her and we commented that Michelle looked a lot to another mexican singer called "Lynda", specially with the sound of this album, but of course Michelle was so much prettier and talented!!

Today, All you wanted is still one of my fave songs ever! and that album is still very special. I have been a huge fan of Michelle since then!!! Thank you Michelle!! and come to Mexico!! we are waiting for you!! :)

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I purchased "The Spirit Room" on the exact day it came out. I instantly devoured the entire album, and I was fortunate enough to interview you several months later. Your album got me through my first year of university. A few weeks into the semester, one of my professors was headed to Scottsdale, and I was remember telling him: "Make sure you look out for Michelle Branch! That's where she's from!" Clearly, I didn't pay attention in geography class. About 5 years after TSR was released, I ended up moving to AZ for work, and I had a "branchin fanson" moment. I remember the days of you touring with ITZ, and the early music still brings me back to the days where my biggest stress were boys and school. Love you MB.

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I listened to this over and over and over. At the time, we had a boat, a party barge, docked on a lake about an hour and a half from the house - we would spend the weekend on the lake and Michelle would be on heavy heavy rotation all weekend.

I am so thrilled she is back.

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What a super-mega-gorgeous contest!!! Beautiful!!!
Many compliments to who? Sarah? who had this idea.
Well done.


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My favourite memory is that I had recently purchased an acoustic guitar at age 15 and started learning. And one day I saw the clip to this song on TV, and I just fell in love with it. Here was this chick with an acoustic guitar, with this cool song 'Everywhere' which was catchy, but wasn't quite pop, it was more. I bought the single, and learnt all 3 tracks from it on my guitar, then purchased the album and learned to play the entire thing. Michelle Branch started a passion for me. 10 years on I am an accomplished guitarist and bass player doing session work and live originals, as well as winning awards for my songwriting. I owe all of that passion and skill to hearing that song that day, and being inspired to sit strumming that guitar so endlessly. Thank you Michelle for The Spirit Room, and everything after!

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"All you wanted" makes me fall in love with Michelle's music!! :))

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a nice memory is that during the last 10 years, every track has been my favorite song of the album for a while :)

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the first time i heard "all you wanted" i knew then i would be a lifetime fan :)) yes seriously. that's when i started listening to her songs. all of her songs. FANDOM HISTORY haha

but i guess my favorite among the songs of The Spirit Room is "Something to sleep to", i love the story.

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just put in five zeros and then submit your entry. It should work then.

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