Watch the "Loud Music" Video Now!

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Watch the "Loud Music" Video Now!

Michelle's brand new video for "Loud Music" has made it's official debut exclusively on Watch the video and check out exclusive stills of Michelle in the Photo Gallery. What do you think of the video? Share your comments with Michelle below.

Don't forget, VH1 will also premiere the video live on air during the Top 20 Countdown Saturday, August 13th. Help Michelle takeover the countdown! VOTE NOW to get the video on the charts.

Download Michelle's single "Loud Music" available on iTunes now.

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I want to say that "Loud Music",as got the fame because of its strong music and the romantic poetry.
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Just like all of Michelle's videos, amazing!!! I love that she has amazing songs with just as amazing videos to go along with them! <3 MICHELLE FOREVER!!

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LOL, i clicked the PLAY, the next picture said i just watched the video. what the ~~
i can't wait for that friday YT premiere :)) i voted for the song anyway.

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US only? How do I watch it in Canada?

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wow wowwowwowwowwowwowwow

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