Michelle at StarFest 2011

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Michelle at StarFest 2011

Michelle & the Goo Goo Dolls tour stopped in Atlanta last week for StarFest 2011. Check out pictures from the show in the ,a href="http://www.michellebranch.com/pictures">Photo Gallery. Look for more live photos coming soon! Don't forget, If you went to see Michelle on tour, we want to see your photos! Upload them to Facebook or here on the website. We'll be featuring some of the best pictures from each show. Look for more live photos coming soon.

Want to meet Michelle at an upcoming show? Enter for a chance to win a meet & greet with her on tour now! More details here.

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Hey this is becky the one that wore the loud music t-shirt. ^^ Michelle branch did an awsome job at the show in Atlanta. :D I have been a fan of hers since her first album "the spirt room" I have been her fan since I was 11 years old and now Iam 21. I love her music! I wanted to see her for so long and when I saw her in Atlanta that was the best day/moment of my life! She did such an amazing job and I loved every moment of it. n_n She inspires me so much to be a song writer. She is the reason why I love music so much and writing my own songs. She is my number 1 favorite singer/songwriter. I can't wait to see her again someday. I want to thank her so much for coming to Atlanta GA! >< I hope to see her again someday and talk to her again. :D

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