Enter to Win a Meet & Greet with Michelle!

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Enter to Win a Meet & Greet with Michelle!

Want to meet Michelle in your city? She's heading out on the road with the Goo Goo Dolls. We're giving away meet & greet passes to meet Michelle on tour! Get all the contest details and enter to win now at MichelleBranch.com/MeetMichelle.

To get tickets or find out when Michelle will be in a city near you visit the Tour Page.

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this so called meet&greet can be cancelled at the very last minute before the show...so dont get your hopes up...i had bought a last minute ticket and bus ticket and paid for hotel overnight as well...then about 2 hours before meet&greet i was called and emailed that it was cancelled...if you ask me seriously...it seems like a facebook liking scheme plus a way to get more tickets sold...no offense to michelle..i love her music...but cmon!!! get real...let people know that it may not happen before they make plans.the show was for the august 3rd one in raleigh NC

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aug 23. san diego!

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cant wait for this concert in aug.super excited

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