Live Webcast with Michelle!

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Live Webcast with Michelle!

Michelle did a special live webcast this evening. She took all your questions and even performed your song requests live! If you missed the show, you're in luck because we recorded the whole thing! You can stream the full webcast here on Michelle's website. Watch it here. Enjoy! Look for details on another webcast coming soon!

What did you think of the webcast? Leave your comments for Michelle below.

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Webcast was incredible. Loved the answering of random questions and loved the live music... so raw and awesome.

Michelle, if you have time, you should do this again! so fun. good luck with everything.

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Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for doing the webcast. I am sure that it was a little difficult to keep up with the questions and remember the old songs. My question wasn't answered but that's ok, I was just happy to see you and hear the songs. I thought that I would ask you the question again just in case you miss it and you can answer it whenever you want to but I just wanted to know what your favorite movies are?

Take care!!

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I wanna thank you For Sing I'd rather be in love
that was amazing, hope you share your time again with us soon.
love you

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I had a test today and I missed this webcast, I would have liked to be online and ask for FIND YOUR WAY BACK
How come no one asked it, I even asked it earlier but oh well... that really makes me sad *sigh*
But, in the bright side, this thing michelle did was aweomse.
Thanks for sharing a good time with your fans

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The show was great Michelle, thanks for sharing your time with us :D Hopefully you do another one really soon! :D

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Michelle, do you keep up with youtube musicians these days? Have you heard of Kina Grannis?? She is an incredibly talented musician and she covered your song Second Chances. She even mentions you as an influence! If you have heard of her, what do you think of her...?

What is YOUR favorite song (original and cover!) to sing on tour/live??

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Hi Michelle,

Im going to ask a question you've probably heard a thousand times before but what the hey:

- Are there any plans to do anything in the UK? You said on twitter that you were working on it, but has anything come of that? Us Brit fans have been deprived of live performances for waaaaaay too long!


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Your music has been an important part of my life for 7 years now. You really helped me through a difficult and frustrating time in my life. In 2002, I was a recent college graduate and couldn’t find a job because of the recession. I was really depressed about it and losing hope that I’d ever get my life started. Then, one night, I saw you perform “All You Wanted” on Summer Music Mania. The energy of that song inspired me to get my life back on track. I listened to it over and over again that summer and became an active member of your Street Team. To this day, I can’t help feeling invigorated whenever I hear “All You Wanted” or “Everywhere.” I love your music and still listen to it all the time. Here are my questions:

1) Do people still call you Meech? Do you have any new nicknames?
2) Do you still have your blue guitar?
3) Why did you name your daughter “Owen?” Do a lot of people see her name and think she’s a boy?
4) Why did you decide to go into country music? I remember that your music influences were Cat Stevens, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and other rock musicians. I am more of a country fan, so I’m very happy that you made the switch.

Thank you so much, Michelle. You are an inspiration to me.

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You should definitely play "Goodbye to You" since It's my favorite since I heard it on Buffy 8 years ago. It would really cheer me up tonight.

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Hey Michelle, can't wait for the webcast, I'm hoping you can play "Together" :) That is THE most beautiful song I've ever heard, and it holds a special meaning to me....thanks in advance if you can <3


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