What do you think of Play It Forward?

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What do you think of Play It Forward?

Now that Play It Forward is back, we want to know what you think! Have any Mission suggestions, find the site hard to use, or any other feedback? Share it as a comment below.

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It would be great to keep this place alive and kicking with more updates, missions and team activity.
Michelle deserves to be costantly supported, not only in conjunction with releases of new material....

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You should pay more attention with spam.
It's annoying to see the whole site flooded with spam!

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It would be nice if we could vote for something online. If you give us a link, we will vote!

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I'm mostly just happy that PIF is back! I will say that I get confused when I look at "my active missions" and see missions that I've already completed. But really, that's no big deal:)

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Trying a new format - hello to everyone who was on original PIF!

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