New Photos From The Video Shoot

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New Photos From The Video Shoot

Along with her new blog, Michelle sent in some behind the scenes photos on the set of her Sooner or Later music video shoot. Check them out in the Photo Gallery. Look for more pictures coming soon!

Looking forward to Michelle's new music video? Let her know what you think by leaving comments below.

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What I've seen from the descriptions it looks like it's gonna be a dime a dozen standard mainstream videoclip. Doesn't have to be bad, I'm just not looking forward to it :-)

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loving the hat :)

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.... i was the one you're starin' at!

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I can't believe I missed you in the Twins. Won't miss you next time, promise!

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I like your short skirt & your hat, it's so fashionable and sexy!

Will the video has a kiss?

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I think the video will be one of your bests!! I like what i see ^^. I think the video style is your style =). I can't wait to see it!!! ^^

Kisses from Spain!! =)

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