"Sooner or Later" Acoustic Video

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"Sooner or Later" Acoustic Video

Michelle sent in a new acoustic performance video of "Sooner or Later!" She also sits down to share a behind the scenes story about writing the song. Watch the video and download "Sooner or Later" on iTunes now. Look for more videos coming soon!

What do you think of the acoustic version of "Sooner or Later?" Leave your comments for Michelle below.

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as predictable! the song is stanning! hope to have your album Sooner than Later!!!:O) until then Michelle!!

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What do I think of the acoustic version?.. I think that there should be no other.. You just wowed me, woman. Hard to do.. The words, your face, the passion.. Astounding. I was the male version of your sucky high-school existence.. Whatever.. That which doesn't kill us, right? Good luck, baby.. You know where to find me..

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I absolutely love the acoustic version of Sooner or Later. It is sooo good and now I really want it on my i-pod.

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Hi Michelle, love it, love it, love it.. please do more... cant get enough of that type of music.. and accoustic really shows of your voice.. didnt think i would hear you doing your own solo thing again when you did The Wreckers.. cant wait for the new solo cd..
cheers from Down Under.. Scott

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dang girl your good!! I really wanna learn that song!!!!

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YEAH! MICHELLE is way too BETTER than taylor.. (nyahaha, thanks to me im an avid fan of MICHIE..no negatives, uhuh)
harhar.. but switching to COUNTRY: michelle has a somewhat, a voice that can be identified among the POPsingers of COUNTRY (because for me, they all have similar voices, haha). A PIECE of REQUEST: in your next album, make it ROCK again.

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i like your "hammering".. cause when i do stuffs like that, i can't find anymore focus.. hahaha..
i like your guitar too. please send that to me! hahah kidding..

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Wow what to say, there was a time when i would give my life to see Branch (still). Like everybody else who wanted to meet her an married her until the maxim and the marriage but that's life anyways. I liked the second album though, gave me a lot around those years. Now when she went country was a whole turn from what i was expecting. She kinda heavy pop rocked and the switch was too much for me. I thought well about the project, everybody changes now i'll just wait for the whole new material and enjoyed what i liked from it. To be honest i don't like this single at all, this way is much better in my modest opinion, though she looks really nice like in those years. Hope i could see her rocking the stage. the rockerish way someday like before when she inspired me to make music. I still love her.

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The reception there was negative. Although I agree that this song is somewhat like Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me". But whatever they say, I still love Michelle Branch's style. I actually even kind of missed it.

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i love this song and its so awesome!! :) can't wait for the new cd to come out!! :)

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