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Hey everyone.

Well, I just got back from my show in Arizona. I had a great time catching up with my family and playing new songs.

We filmed a bit of my "rehearsal" with Mike Landau and Kirk Fletcher (my two favorite guitar players!) I have longer videos but I couldn't figure out how to resize them (ha!) so we'll try and post them next week.

For now, here's a snippet of Texas in the Mirror. Enjoy!


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I can't wait for your new album, your music just keeps getting better and better. The Wreckers are awesome, I've listened to that live cd and watched that dvd a million times, I wish I could have been at that concert... but instead I was at home wishing I was having a much better time.
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it sounds gorgeous! classic michelle branch.

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I was at your show in Tempe, Az! You did a fantastic job. I always enjoy your acoustic music style.

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Sounds really great, I'm SOO looking forward to your new album! And hopefully a tour that involves a stop in Indiana! You were the first musician/artist I ever liked and still LOVE to this day, your music is just the best, hope to see you in concert someday :D

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Love it! Hey Michelle. I hope you get back to Charlotte soon and maybe play the Tosco Music Party (www.ToscoMusicParty.org).
Tell your folks I said hi.

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Hi Michelle! We love you - please keep doing what you do.

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It sounds great...accoustic is the best. can't wait for more.

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Hi! Michelle. I think very beautiful song.

I just started to practice playing acoustic guitar in Kyoto so for me it is very nice video beacuse I can learn from you.

Thank you.

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terrific as usual, just enough to tease! mouth watering now; bring on the album!

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michelle u rock! i can't wait for your new album to be out! thank u for being such a good singer!!!!!!!!!!

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