Michelle's "A Case Of You" Cover

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Michelle's "A Case Of You" Cover

Michelle's cover of the legendary Joni Mitchell song "A Case Of You" is now available exclusively at Amazon! The song was recorded for Warner Bros. Records' 50th Anniversary celebration and the album Covered: A Revolution In Sound, which features other WBR artists covering classics from the vaults. To preview "A Case of You" and buy the album, click here.
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Thanks for the free mp3 Michelle... I had already downloaded it like 3 weeks ago... I forgot to say thanks... (It's a sin not to give thanks here in the Philippines... Haha...) And with all sincerity i really am very thankful that you share your music with your fans really often even if you haven't done any albums yet... You are an amazing artist... Again, i'll forever be your fan... I love you and God bless...
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I feel like a deep well with no water.
I feel so hallow that I have no limbs.
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Michelle I love you. Keep singing forever!

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hey michelle... sorry i'm out of this topic but i just wanna say that i love the video ehich you and your daughter (Owen) singing together. she looks like you. and do you have a plan, preparing your daughter to be singer like you do?


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