Monday Surprises...

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Monday Surprises...

Hey everyone,

Well it’s Monday and it seems I can never keep surprises from you all.

I was going to post A Case of You, my Joni Mitchell cover from the WB 50th Anniversary cover song album but you guys found it. Then I was going to tell you all that This Way is going to be released as a digital download soon (no, not a single) and y’all found that too. Hmmm. I guess in that case I’ll just let you know what I’m up to.

I’m going in to mix the single in the next couple of weeks, which is really, really exciting! I can’t tell you the name of it yet but I can tell you that you may have heard it live before ;) I’m also going in the studio to cut 3 or 4 more new songs with the amazingly talented Tony Brown. I’ve been writing so much and I’m excited I get to throw a couple brand new songs down last minute. One of the songs we’re tracking that I love is called Carry Me. It’s a mountainy bluegrass-ish song I wrote with my good friend Ashley Monroe. It almost sounds like an old hymn. It will be fun to see that track come together as it’s really the first true bluegrass influenced song I’ve recorded for the record. Ashley and I are gonna try to make a little video for you so you can see what goes into a song and what inspires us. Maybe we’ll have it next Monday ;)

Take care and stop stealing my surprises already!!
Xo, M

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i wish recording wasn't such a LONGGG process. it just seems there is WAY too much time between releases. you sound terrific in a bar with not the best sound system and not the most courteous patrons.
ILy & all your music

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I am so glad you got togther with Chris Issac.....two (2) of my favorite artists. I saw Chris in Cleveland at the House of Blues and afterwards He and his wife ( and dog ) were so polite. Baja CD is the best.

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Goodness People Stop Stealing her Surpises! *laughs* I didn't know anything about the Joni Mitchell Cover.. Guess I'll have to wait til that's up for grabs. It will be fantastic as per usual. I'm glad to hear that "This Way" will be up for download soon, that songs is pretty good, but I'm kind of glad to hear it isn't the single. Though I do Hope The Single is "I Want Tears" It's my favorite of the songs I've heard performed live. It seems like it's been forever since the album has been worked on. I'm on the edge of my seat to grab it! I cannot wait to hear it in all of it's entirety. How many songs are going to be on the album? I hope all of the songs recorded cuz I want to hear all of them. I'm glad the album is going to be perfected. I cannot wait to hear the single! The video with Ashley Monroe would be a great one to see. It would be an experience I'm sure. I have always wanted to record my music in studio and seeing how all that jazz goes down would be fun to watch. So Work Fast before I go crazy! Jk.
-Drew Thomas

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I didn't find any of your suprises.. but I must not be that good at searching.. lol

Can't wait for this new album. I am sooo excited.. the suspense is killlling me! :)

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