It's Michelle Monday Again!

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It's Michelle Monday Again!

25 Random Things About Michelle Branch...From Michelle herself!

1. I really like cleaning. Dirty things make me uncomfortable. Especially hair on the ground.

2. When I'm out in public and someone sneezes, I hold my breath and quickly walk away toward clean air. I know. I sound like a freak. My dad calls me Howard Hughes.

3. I LOVE birthdays. Yours, mine, a strangers', it really doesn't matter. I often fake my birthday at random restaurants just to get free dessert.

4. Speaking of dessert...I wish I was a pastry chef. The smell and feel of dough makes me want to cry.

5. I am a horrible swimmer. I think it's because my dad always made a big deal about being careful around water. He made me permanently paranoid.

6. My other theory about water: I might have drowned in a past life. I get really scared by water especially at night.

7. Speaking of past lives...I completely believe in them. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. I believe in God, but not like most religions present it.

8. I have a birthmark under my right eye but a lot of people don't know because it's always covered with make-up when I'm working. If you happened to see me without make-up, no I do not have a black eye.

9. I am obsessed with Manifest Destiny and The Oregon Trail. I think I was a pioneer in a past life.

10. I wish I had lived in the 60's-70's just for the music alone. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I could go on and on and on.

11. I recently realized I'm a shop-o-holic (after seeing the movie) I have acknowledged my ways and I will try and change. Keyword: try.

12. I love furniture. I love the history of it, the shape...I'm kind of an antique furniture dealer wanna-be.

13. I love getting tattoos. I have to use restraint, otherwise I would be covered.

14. I love classic musicals. My original aspiration was to be on Broadway or to be a Disney character's singing voice.

15. I'm obsessed with Disneyland. Seriously.

16. I had the worst 16th birthday ever. I remember crying myself to sleep. No party, no anything. And you know how important birthdays are for me!

17. I am a cat person. I love dogs but I could never actually own one.

18. I am a vegetarian but when I'm hung over I sneak bacon at breakfast and later deny it happening.

19. I want to move to Italy when I "retire."

20. I HATE dancing but if I drink enough tequila I might try to.

21. I believe in astrology and love reading my horoscope.

22. I have always wanted to see a tornado in real life but now that I live in Tennessee, maybe not so much.

23. I love costumes and costume parties. I already know what I'm gonna be for next Halloween but it will probably change 100 times before then.

24. I hate flying. It's not natural.

25. I love watching movies. I could spend days in bed watching movie after movie and I actually have gone to theaters by myself. What a loser!!

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I don't think people should have restraint when it comes to tattoos, besides women who are covered in tattoos and can sing... oh my, that's really hot.

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