More from Michelle...

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More from Michelle...

Hey guys,

I hope you are enjoying the short video clip of This Way. Like I said, Raphael Mazucco shot this out in the desert while we were taking photos for the album. It's amazing what you can do with a store bought hand held video camera these days. I especially like the part where "hold" is written across my chest (???)...hmmm...I'll have to ask Raphael what he was trying to say artistically there :) Check back next Monday February 2nd for another little present.


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haha, HOLD! HOLD! there's so much to hold on that part! haha... no no no...

normally, when we say "chest", it's where the heart is...
so we can say (to that video), "hold my heart"

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I want more xD ! It's great! I have already loved this song :)! I can't wait for all song and new album :)!

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"This Way" is a good song, Michelle. =) Can't wait to see the full version of your music video.

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ooh wow, Michelle!!!! Thats amazing!!!!!!!

Not much of a country fan, but I AM a fan of your voice, and it more than evens out. LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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today is february 2! i hope you are going to announce a show in salt lake city!

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Love you ;)

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oh you make me cry! hahaha =)

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Hi Michelle how are you, hope ur getting this msg coz usualy u will have ur secratery or accistant to check ur mails n u know,

I'm a big fan of ur songs and specialy of You personly, god bless Beauty!!!!

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thank you michelle! love your voice :]

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Michelle, you're such a tease! ;) haha, I love what I've heard and seen of the song and video. I'm literally on the edge of my seat for your new record. Six years is a long time and considering Hotel Paper is still one of my favorite records, I can't imagine how amazing this new one is going to be (especially if SSLP is any indication--you moving to country is fantastic.) Keep up the awesome work, you are an inspiration!

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