Michelle's Imeem page

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Michelle's Imeem page

Check out Michelle's page on Imeem to listen to music, check out her photo playlist and get the code to embed her playlist on your social networking profiles!


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Thats cool and pretty singer of this age and i wish she would be popular as other singers in future Essay

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The songs and the craziness you have is pretty and the site is as beautiful as you Michelle. Can you send your pics to Custom Dissertation.

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Her music seems to get better and better with each album.
I can't wait either... but I have a feeling it'll be worth the long wait.

thatrez's picture

I can't wait for your new album, your music just keeps getting better and better. The Wreckers are awesome, I've listened to that live cd and watched that dvd a million times, I wish I could have been at that concert... but instead I was at home wishing I was having a much better time.

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how can so beaty sing like an angel?
my english can`t tell everything what i try to say!
i make it simply...
i`m in love ... what can i say?
you are just mmmmmmmmm.
and i`m just.......me....from finland

with love: wiikku

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hope you like my blog

Anonymous's picture

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kirreLinz4LinzheLL's picture

hi MicheLLe Branch, im new in this site,
can you please teach me more...
i want to know u better..thanks :)

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Michelle you are so talented, I love your music so much, can't wait to your new album is released, love you girl!!!!!!!

Mikel's picture

I visited Imeem for her songs and they simply delicious. I love Michelle,I hope i could find pics of michelle car games.

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