Michelle Blogs,,,,AGAIN!

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Michelle Blogs,,,,AGAIN!

I JUST got home from doing what is probably the coolest thing I have ever done in my whole life! (besides having Owen, that is!)

I was asked by my friend Holly Williams to sing harmony with her on one of my all-time very favorite artists' new album...Yusuf Islam a.k.a. Cat Stevens. To give you an idea, the very first songs I learned how to play on guitar were his from a songbook of his when I was 14. I've done a lot of really amazing things in my short life but this was on a whole other level. Not only that but Terry Sylvester from The Hollies was also singing. The Hollies. I mean, come on...It's like I died and went to super fan heaven. AAAAANNNNND, the music was so beautiful and fantastic. Sigh.
I think if I would have really thought about it while I was singing I probably would have started crying.

Thanks Holly!!!


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Hey Michelle, just wanted to ask you to PLEASE drop by your home town
sedona AZ to do a concert I'm a HUGE fan every since I was 5. I LOVE YOU MICHELLE!!!!!

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Hi Michelle I know thats imposible that you seen this messege but i just say you are so cool y love your music and your stile, first i got to tell you i canĀ“t speak in inglish so good jaja my name is Luciana. I live in Argentina and i sing. that i espected singing like you and i would realy ameazing to meet you.

Good Luck


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"i think if i would have really thought about it while i was singing i probably would have started crying..."

-harhar:)) i've never saw you crying... but i wanted to see what it looks like "michelle's crying"... harhar:))
no! it's not that, i want you to get hurt!!! harhar:)) just wanted to see many faces out of you... naks!

ahm, you know what? it's so beautiful here in the PHILIPPINES, but, it's just in the state of not-so-can-be-called-peaceful... hehe, but i think you'll love it in here...
so, why not try have a tour here... hehe, just wanted to see you personally... please...

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is "the hollies" a band? i don't know them... hehe, but i think they're cool! hmm...
i just don't get the scene.. hehe, maybe i'm just too sleepy... *yawn*
by the way, is you new album already released? i'm looking forward to that!

the first time i handled a guitar was when i was 14 too... (i think i'm a 2ndyear highschool that time) *think, think* yeah, 14... hehe...

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Michelle , a personal message :)

You are amazing XD myself and many friends are all wondering - when are you planning to tour the UK??
You are sooo amazing and besides it being amazing to see you live ,it would do your carreer wonders to break the UK charts. You'd be straight up in weeks :D

Love to hear from you .


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i will never forget youre voice the most beautyfull voice i ever heard
i dont know why but youre voice can high like a drugs?

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I went to that show too.
First Michelle branch concert I've been to and it was awesome.

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Just got home after taking my two oldest kids to your show at HOB in Orlando. Wonderful show and a true inspiration to both my son and daughter. Keep up the great work and we look forward to your next album with all of those great new songs!

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A fantastic experience, but also a huge encouragement in terms of your ability as an artist. Do you ever think about how one day someone might be writing the comment on their blog "Wow! I just got to play on Michelle Branch's new album!" A little mind-blowing, but I guess that's the kind of impact any creator would be proud to have made.

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Hello Michelle
I hope you are having a great day. When are you dropping your new album? I'm a huge fan I was just wondering.

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