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MIchelle Blogs!

Hey everyone-
I have really exciting news that I’ve been dying to share with you for a while but I didn’t want to jinx it.

Besides music, one of my dreams has always been to open a bakery. When I was a little girl I would sneak into the kitchen and sift out a few cups of flour and mix it with water just to play with the dough. Baking, like music, is a creative release for me and can also be very therapeutic. You can always tell when I am stressed out because suddenly my house gets filled with cookies, cupcakes, and pie. It takes my mind off of whatever is wrong in the world. If you follow the recipe, you can’t fail (well, sometimes you can, if you have a finicky oven like me) and the smile on people’s faces when you hand them a slice of fresh warm fruit pie with vanilla ice cream or let a child help roll out cookie dough is priceless.
This dream is finally coming true and at the moment I am working not only on the new record but also opening The Sugar Bar with my new found friend and marvelous pastry chef Rebekka Seale. It will be an old-fashioned bakeshop and bar where you can go grab a drink after dinner and a slice of Bourbon Chocolate Cake or Summer Berry Pie. We will also be using as many local, organic and natural ingredients as possible. Also exciting is the fact that Rebekka will be blogging throughout the entire process at http://www.blog.thesugarbar.com so you will all be able to watch us get this place up and running. I can’t wait for you to take a part in this process with us but more importantly I can wait for you to all stop by and grab a slice of the sweet life next time you’re in Nashville.

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You need a bakery in Arizona! Sedona's kind of far from where I live, but that would work. I would love to taste something from The Sugar Bar!

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Bakery sounds awsome.Coming from and interior designer
I love the name and can just picture the fresh
yet vintage type design it will have.
Plus you could play all your fav tracks
all day long :-)Best wishes on making
a dream happen

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I am so happy for you! I also really enjoy baking, and would love to do the same some day, but for now I'm happy baking for people at work, and my friends and family...they always ask - "why do you bake soo much?" and all i can say is "why not". All the best to you!

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Congrats!! I'm so happy you're getting to make that dream come true. !!!!:)

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hey michelle, just wanted to say that this is a great idea. i was actually wondering if by any chance, this cool new bakery will have a small stage for some acoustic live music? i love going to small pubs and such where once every week there's a live band/musician playing. i love to relax and enjoy some nice live music while i have my beer in hand (or muffin in hand). congrats on everything and your blessed life, i'll meet you some day and party with you

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Best wishes for your new venture! There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you hold something in your hands that you made yourself, whether it's a CD or a pastry!

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I love you michelle. Im 13 and you are my role model. I love the songs breathe and all you wanted. I have NEVER been to a concert but I hope to attend one of yours. Love you girl keep on rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

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you could be our??!! from brazil rsrsrs.....as ta la vista baby.

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