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Michelle has just added 4 shows this year!! Click on over to the tour section and check them out. More to come...

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Hi Michelle, I have to tell you that you are the bomb. I had a rock band in the 90's and I wanted to get a female vocalist in so bad, but it was at least for us it was impossible. I think it is awesome how well you have done. You are where you are because you are great at what you do and work very hard for it, not because you bought your way in. I bought your CD in 2001, and me and my son who is now 10 love it. When we go for a ride and I ask him for a CD, your is the first one he hands me ever time. I am trying to open a jewelry store this year. I make custom one of a kind peices. I have made peices for some of the local rappers, but that doesn't mean much to me because I am not into that kind of music. I'm going to try and meet you in the future (somewhere on tour?) and would love to make you something at no charge just because you are awesome. God bless you and your faimly, respectfully yours B.

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Hi Michelle My name is Karl Im in Iraq when I get back in 2009 hope you will still be in concert my wife and I would like to see you again my wife gave you a gift at a concert you did in california at the Morango in 2006 she gave it to your roadie the big guy with a letter and a perfume got to go your fan The Man in the Sand me Karl

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I think Michelle needs to add a show date up here in Boston. I haven't seen her since her Are You Happy Now? tour with Joe Firstman and Gavin Degraw. Maybe perform at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston?

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wow, been a while since i commented here but i'm glad to see the new shows m! i just wish i could go to one lol but hopefully when more dates are announced i'll stop by one...good luck with those though, you'll do awesome =)

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This is fantastic ........but please return to italy........we need you

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anybody know details about the dc show? the link only takes you to, which doesn't have any further info.

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Is there a listing of the complete tour?
It's awesome to have Michelle back on the road and touring. Any official date for the release of the latest CD? Your voice is truly amazing.

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you rock. come to omaha

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waiting for ur new album

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