Everything Comes And Goes

Everything Comes And Goes

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I just love michelle branch specially her song "breathe"....more power...

background check

Rocmusic101's picture

Great, great songs. I love through the radio and would like to have that some day... Really like the version with Hillary L. The title track is one one just listen to over and over. Every song stands up on it's own. Super job by Michelle!

kyyle0149's picture

So Michelle, ive always been a fan of your music, however when i heard that you were releasing a solo country album i was estatic!!! I immediately went to your website and bought Everything Comes & Goes EP and learned every song. Absoutely loves it!! Now im depressed to learn that it will not be released =(...ive downloaded the other 3 songs you've given to us as a gift but i have got to know, is the rest of the songs from this album ever gonna be released.? I have to have this full album, im so in love with it! My favorite songs are Sooner or Later, Summertime, Long Goodbye, and EC&G. The song i really want though is Jack and Jim (which you should give to the fans as your next gift for Easter, lol). And Pretty Lyin Eyes & Different Kind of Country. I didnt know you were coming to the NorVA in Norfolk, VA or i would have been one of the first to come see you perform...so i have to watch all your live performances from the NorVA on youtube, please try and come again! Well, i really hope that even though you have moved on to making another album that will be equally great, that this one also gets relesed in the near future! Love you Michelle!

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She is incredible! Love her so much I've actually written several custom essays on her.


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Morning from Australia Michelle, Absolutly love the dvd and new album... It has been a long time between water holes "M"... Try not to be as long again... please... I'm a big fan from your very beginning and I think I have everything you have recorded... Not only are you my fav singer but I also believe you are one of this Earth's great beauties... When are you going to tour Australia... Thanks for the music mate.... old Davo.. (in Ozz..)

Troyo's picture

I love Michelle so much. I am waiting for her next album. business essays coursework

Ans1210's picture

I consider this album the best one! I love music very much as in the childhood I used to play Kitarat.

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when it will arrive in the market.....? i really want to get one.

starrsaunders's picture

November 10th can't come soon enough!!!

branchin out's picture

You are an amazing talent that has yet to realize your true potential & understand the magnitude of the global interest in you. Being a male, I am sort of naturally drawn to male sung, inspired & cultivated music. I admit I only have a handful of female artists music that I follow & collect. You are one of those female artists. Many female artists convey their feelings & emotions through their music, but in a way that only a girl/woman can truly understand & follow. Your music (for the most part), is not gender specific, & draws EVERYONE into it. Carlos Santana saw something similar in you to want to record "Game of love" with you. That song, along with 'Breathe' just left me 'warm & fuzzy' all over for ages. I love hearing you sing, you have an amazing voice. Be yourself, trust your instincts, & let us all enjoy Michelle Branch the singer, the musician, the artist, in the years to come.

Globally people are waiting for a standout female artist. I believe you are that artist. It's your time.

All the best with the new album launch, not that you'll need it. :)

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