Happy Holidays - Download "Happen To Call"

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Happy Holidays - Download "Happen To Call"

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to give you guys a little gift this holiday season. You are some of the most incredible, supportive and patient fans anyone could be honored to have. I shared some studio footage with you a while back and there was one song that you all responded to above any others. So without any further adieu, for your listening pleasure…here's a new song, "Happen To Call."


**The download is no longer available, however you can stream the song below.

Happen To Call by michellebranch

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Oh man, the download is no

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Oh man, the download is no longer available :( Somehow I have missed that song, but I like it a lot! I love you Michelle, you are very talented, I can't wait to listen to your new songs.
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"Happen To Call." very

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"Happen To Call." very impressive song, i liked that.
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happen to call

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love this,the stuff you give away,is better than most artists greatest hits.

If You Happen to Call

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Been following Michelle since *The Spirit Room*, which is still magical for me. Will always love that album!

Now, absolutely in love with If You Happen to Call !!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michelle!!..........


Ohhh :-) genial, deseando

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Ohhh :-) genial, deseando escuchar el disco nuevo-


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Thank u very much, Michelle. I Absolutely love the new track... I'm really looking for the new album to be released. My best wishes for you and your pretty family. XoXo

You have GOT to release this

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You have GOT to release this as a single.... I don't know how the radio couldn't be completely enamoured with this song!!!!!!!

Super song.

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Great song Michelle. You're an amazing artist. I love your music. Merry Christmas.

very amazing song!! I like

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very amazing song!! I like it!!!!!

i will always love you michelle!!!

what a great song!! i really

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what a great song!! i really love it!!!!!
when are you going to release the new album??
can't wait for it!!

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