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From indiana
January 7, 2010

Teeth whitening kits are a wonderful way to perking up your smile. As it is the dream of every person to have a charming aura, the teeth whitening kits have special significance in this regard. This is because teeth which shine bright certainly make much more charming persona compared to a set...

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From sarah84
January 6, 2010

Maybe I'd be better on my own
No one ever seems to understand me
It's easier for me to be alone
But there's still a piece of me that feels so empty
I've been all over the world
I've seen a million different places
But through the crowds and all the faces...

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From Sarah Ann
January 4, 2010

I just went on to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets for Michelle's show in Akron, OH, on January 22nd...They were supposed to go on sale at 10:00, but when I got online, the time had been changed to 10:30...So at 10:31, it said "Find Tickets," but just within the few minutes it took for me to...

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From photomark
January 3, 2010

Well, Thinking of what goals to reach for this year as I've done every new years. Like everyone try to reach their own as well. Maybe I'll get to my goals before the end of the year this time. I may not travel about as much as befroe but I'll try to keep in touch with all the friends I've made...

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From matsuJOH
December 31, 2009


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You get me when nobody understands. You come and take the chance, baby. #MichelleBranch

1 year 24 weeks ago
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Tuesday morning in the dark I was finding out who you are #michellebranch

1 year 24 weeks ago
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NP:goodbye to you by #MichelleBranch

1 year 24 weeks ago

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