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From matsuJOH
October 6, 2009

after the disaster brought by ONDOY, i see people are now moving on and trying to forget the yesterday's weightful crisis.
we're so lucky that we were not a part of those people who were struggling for survival while they are surrounded by flood.


we weren't flooded but...

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From keelyshantae13
October 3, 2009

i didnt even know that she was even making music i was ttly out of the lupe. like always. :.(

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From ar24hunk
September 25, 2009

hi crush...goodluck on your upcoming concert.wish to see you there! but sadly to miles away.but this simple txt made me close to you.take care..mwuh

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From meechfan4eva
September 21, 2009

Yay, we're going back to basics. Play If Forward, oh how I have missed you.

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From insp1reme
September 20, 2009

michelle is amazing!! it's a no brainer.

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You get me when nobody understands. You come and take the chance, baby. #MichelleBranch

49 weeks 2 days ago
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Tuesday morning in the dark I was finding out who you are #michellebranch

49 weeks 2 days ago
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NP:goodbye to you by #MichelleBranch

49 weeks 2 days ago

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