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From CiCi621
August 31, 2011

I live my life in the shades of the light.Shaping me from something ordinary to something pretty.The words you whisper in my ear unfold me.

Chours : I was a human being and i grew tired of life’s constant struggle of its endless erosion.I sat and watched the smoke rise and saw its beauty...

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From Noor
August 18, 2011

I simply know nothing to say, this music is so great, it gives me a great feeling inside because the text is full of feelings and there is a story behind it. I hope you, Michelle, to see once in Holland! I would love to make my own music, all because of you!
I know this sounds familiar, I...

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From S.Cheese
August 10, 2011

Dear Michelle (my favorite artist that I have been in love with for a long, long time),

I (finally!) had the opportunity to see you perform live. It was awesome! After watching you perform, I bought your Loud Music T-shirt (that doesn’t have your name on it). I asked for a Medium, but...

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From CiCi621
August 8, 2011

So for those who follow me on twitter many of you know i went to a googoodolls,parachute,michelle branch show this past friday :). We got lucky as far as the weather No RAIN!!! Our day consisted while waiting for the show consisted Of waking up at 10 am then headed to our all time fav IHOP…then...

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From LesliBryson
July 20, 2011

Still love the song "You Get Me" ..
I was in an awful marriage when I first heard it and remember thinking this song describes they way I've always felt a great relationship should be. I've also always felt I would not want to be considered "normal or ordinary" and the line "I'm a little...

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You get me when nobody understands. You come and take the chance, baby. #MichelleBranch

1 year 31 weeks ago
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Tuesday morning in the dark I was finding out who you are #michellebranch

1 year 31 weeks ago
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NP:goodbye to you by #MichelleBranch

1 year 31 weeks ago

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