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From arianneyana
October 9, 2011

i love dis music...

ALL U WANTED by: Michelle Branch....

so WATCH IT NOW.....

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From louisjhoerner
October 3, 2011

when does her ext cd come out?

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From Ellie520
September 30, 2011

I live in tucson,AZ and i was sooo excited about michelle coming in october! But she is playing on the day that i have an appointment for my teeth pulling! Crap! I want to see you michell Branch!

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From jjustice
September 29, 2011

I am DYING to know when West Coast Time is going to be released! I haven't seen any word on it and I just can't wait to get! :) Anyone have any idea?

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From aerheal
September 21, 2011

Wow.. Its really been a while.

As she makes her new album, I'm also making a new chapter in my life. Every step of the way she would release new songs that would mean so much to me again. I cant imagine life without these...

Thanks Michelle for making this possible.. ^_^

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You get me when nobody understands. You come and take the chance, baby. #MichelleBranch

1 year 22 weeks ago
wmgtech's picture

Tuesday morning in the dark I was finding out who you are #michellebranch

1 year 22 weeks ago
wmgtech's picture

NP:goodbye to you by #MichelleBranch

1 year 22 weeks ago

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