Such a long awaited return! Love the new sound. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. 

Michelle, I absolutely love this. You have no idea how excited your fans are to hear your new music and you have not disappointed. So glad to have you back.

Michelle, you`ve never sounded better! I love the new vid....the out of the box thinking of rolling right into the Title of the track right off the rip....outstanding song and visuals!!! Great to have you back!! BTW, I tried to down load the whole album on iTunes and it gave me an...

I'm so excited Michelle! Ive been a fan since your first album and picked up acoustic after I saw "everywhere" and had to take lessons because I wanted to learn that song when I was like 9 years old lol. Picked up the guitar and haven't given up since.  . Ive tried learning most of your songs...

The new single is amazing--I've been playing it on repeat nonstop.  So excited for the album! 

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I'm so excited. I've been a long time fan and I love your new song, Michelle! It's so different, but so cool!

This is so exciting!  Welcome back Michelle, we've all missed you :)