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Posted on January 31 , 2011 by Michelle

Making my daughter Owen eggies for breakfast: I’ll admit that although she asks for scrambled, I always make her an omelette instead and then I cut it up with my spatula at the last minute so it appears scrambled. They’re just more fun to make. Owen always makes me drizzle a little bit of white truffle oil on her eggs. (Fancy! I feel sorry for her future husband!) This morning she commented that the “egg steam smells sort of like caramel.” I told her that it was because I browned a big pat of butter in the pan first and that caramel is basically butter and sugar. I complimented her on her foodie nose and then proceeded to do what I do every morning during breakfast. I sit across from her drinking my coffee and just stare and stare at her as she eats. I listen to her try and recall her dreams, sleep still vaguely in her eyes. 

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Posted on January 26 , 2011 by Michelle

Missing the 90’s this morning as I pack up to visit Nashville. This video is making me want to wear ringer tees and play tambourine rreaaaal bad. Chain wallet anyone? Let’s not forget my very favorite patent leather maroon airwalks. 


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