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Posted on September 14 , 2012 by Michelle

Is it weird that one day I wanna live on an Apple Farm?

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Posted on September 14 , 2012 by Michelle


Things most people know about Nellie Bly: She has a funny name.

Things I love about Nellie Bly:

  • She went to Mexico to report on the people and their customs when she was 21. Twenty-one. That’s younger than me and probably younger than you and she went to rural Mexico in 1885 to do this shit for six months. And this was a time when women did the fashion pages for the papers and not much else.
  • Then she went to New York because she was bored and pretended to be mad to get into a brutal women’s asylum so she could report from the inside. That’s some hardcore journalism in a time when conditions in those sorts of places were appalling. 

My teeth chattered and my limbs were …numb with cold. Suddenly, I got three buckets of ice-cold water…one in my eyes, nose and mouth.”

  • Then in 1888, presumably just to annoy Jules Verne, she went around the world. In 72 days. And had a stop over in France to meet Verne and presumably flip him the bird. 
  • Then she married a millionaire. You literally couldn’t make this stuff up. 
  • And then…just to confirm her position as a hardcore badass, she reported on the front. And not the Western Front, the Eastern front, where people were sent for ballsing up. 
In short, Nellie Bly is more awesome and hardcore than anyone could hope to be. Plus she’s pretty. And she has the same lame bangs as Sarah O’Brien and I wuv her too. 


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