Still in love with Michelle Branch, 8 years on

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Still in love with Michelle Branch, 8 years on

Wow. Where do I even start?

Ever since I received a package from Sedona, AZ containing a certain CD entitled Broken Bracelet, I have been amazed, inspired and overwhelmed by Michelle's music.

Her music carried me through my college life. Her music accompanied me through the good times and the bad. Her music inspired me to perform acoustic sets with my buddies Sharon and Jian. We played many Michelle Branch covers as I had felt this need to share her music with everyone I knew. I was the unofficial street team.

Apart from being the same age as her, I felt like her music had a certain connection to me. It gets me. Her music is so personal to me. I have so many different memories attached to Broken Bracelet, The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper. I relate so well to what she sang and I guess this special connection is what music is all about. That's the magic of music.

Michelle, thank you for your music and may it continue to inspire others.

I can't wait for her to start recording and touring again. I anticipate every single day until she releases her new album and start touring again.


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