A (lot) about me

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A (lot) about me

Umm... hi! As you ca tell Michelle branch is my favorite singer. I love her voice, her lyrics... I admire her for refusing to go to school to pursue her career. I'm 14 and I'd love to do that lol- that will never happen. I guess I should tell a little more about myself. I started to like Michlle Branch when I was 10 I believe. My mom got me her CD as a christmas gift?? I was confused why she got me her CD since I never liked her before- or even know who she was! Lets fast foward 2 years ater in 7th grade. I was depressed and i was doing this talent show to try to lift my spirits. I sang "Are you happy now?" Everyone loved it. And I finally started getting confidence, after wanting to kill myself before. I wanted/still want to be a singer and Michelle inspired/inspires me to be one. I know the dream is far so whatever, i'll just go to college. Random tibits: I love sunsets, I get tired easily- just not at night, I love fashion and been loving it for a long time now- I never followed the crowd, I set the trends. Not really I'm not popular at all, but I have my own style. I always choose the wrong guy to like and I eventually realize he's a huge jerk and the feel like crap afterwards like this week. But at least this time it wasn't long at all! mORE LIKE 1-2 WEEKS INSTEAD OF MONTHS. Too lazy to fix that =). I'd love to go to a Michelle Branch concert one day. I hate being ignored. I love cats. I have 2 of them and love them very much. Yes, I get those teenybopper magazines like J-14 and bop...lol. I dislike popular girls... they're so catty and make fun of my friends. But somehow I crush on the popular guys. I'm listening to Nickelback right now. I love the summertime even if I usually do nothing. I am single yet again on Valentines day. I made a bet with a (more like 2 friends!) friend that I can manage to stay single throughout high school without even trying. I bet it could happen. Besides, high school relationships last- what a week? And I want to stay pure till marriage. I decided so because I watched a lot of tv last summer (See? I told you I have nothing to do) and somehow sex was mentioned a lot and I was watching ABC Family, Nick at Nite, etc! That taught me what a guy is really after. I can so easily learn everything I need to know on TV instead of school. If they won't wait obviously they're not the one. I can be mature for my age, yet a little kid at times. My only valentine is Nick Jonas =(. But he's nice- I know him. JUST KIDDING, I wish. And he is not the reason why I want to stay pure, I bet that's all an act- you know how Hollywood is. And if Hell is real I don't want to go there because I gave my virginity away to some bozo (spelled right?). I honestly get dissapointed if a favorite celebrity of mine does something I don't approve of. It's getting better a few yers ago, I thought cursing was badddd. I love my friends- we do the craziest things together. Just 2 hours ago, I was at the mall with my best friend Kristen and we were spinning in these chairs at the Sear's eye glasses place. We didn't get caught! And I pretended to be some eye person with a weird voice. This lady came up to us and asked us if we worked here and if these glasses looked good on her, I was scared that she was a mugger or something but she was nice. I blog a lot as you can tell. I keep a diary which I haven't updated in a few days...I wish Michlle Branch would read this and think I'm cool. She probably never will read it but if she ever did, I bet she would be rofl because i am such a loser. Too bad! Can't type anymore!

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My name is Lisette and I

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My name is Lisette and I love Michelle Branch. Her songs are so pretty, and the lyrics and just everything about them are amazing.

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